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IMG_2821.JPGA & A Drainage provides drainage/sewer services for Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties.  We will inspect your drainage systems and sewer lines.  WE WILL DIAGNOSE YOUR LINE PROBLEM QUICKLY and identify the most cost effective method of treatment.

We provide the engineering certificates using Florida State certified engineers, cleaning, repairs, and all the necessary documentation to meet the standards required by the Drainage Districts. 


A & A Drainage Advantages:

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Parking lot floodAs our climate becomes more harsh, drainage/sewer systems should be monitored and treated by specialized teams who know what "problem" conditions to look for and must know what remedies should be implemented to alleviate current and future problems.  Our thorough line inspections with videotaping, expert cleaning applications, detailed documentation, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional crews makes A & A Drainage the best solution for you!  

Contact us for your free quote on storm/sewer drain repairs, plumbing, construction, septic, grease traps etc.


Have a Drainage/Sewer System Emergency? 

Call 954-680-0294

If you see a storm drain, catch basin, or drainage line that appears to be broken, rapidly overflowing, or not working properly. Our Emergency Response Team is ready to help! shutterstock_3669649.jpg

No city, town, business center or property complex can go without having the drain system regularly inspected and maintained debris-free.  Flooded parking lots and streets are not good for business.  Storm drain maintenance programs are required to ensure that ditches, culverts, catch basins and storm sewers are kept clean of debris that may plug-up the system.

shutterstock_12116371.jpgOur preventative maintenance program is worth its weight in gold.  Let A & A Drainage inspect your drainage/sewer system and provide you with a FREE estimate!  Call today to schedule your no obligation inspection, or email sales@a-a.co

Did you know that a maintenance program improves the performance of any drainage/sewer system and helps keep them debris-free preventing future blocks and clogs?  Proper maintenance is very important in avoiding costly repairs.  Lack of maintenance allows roots to grow into the lateral lines resulting in costly replacement of lateral lines.

Is your property ready for the next big storm?  We will inspect your drainage/sewer system and advise you how to make sure it will be in perfect condition for the next storm!

   MAIN SEWER LINE JETTING: We offer high pressure main sewer line jetting to remove grease, sludge, trees, dirt and rocks which will prevent proper flow of sewer lines. Our equipment actually breaks down the residue in the lines that can cause clogs and blockage. This type of treatment is very effective, safe, and can be used on many different types of pipe.  Our state-of-the-art, high-pressure equipment allows us to cut through the toughest of blockages.


STORM DRAINS:  We recognize the importance and complexities of cleaning storm drains.  shutterstock_546800.jpgWe recommend preventative inspections and cleanings at least 2-3 times a year to give you peace of mind.  We can clean catch basins and lateral lines to help restore maximum drainage levels.  Ask us about customizing a storm drain program that is right for you.

VIDEOTAPING: Helps reveal potential problems, "backups" and breaks in sewer lines which can save you time and money.  Videotaping is a vital tool in our arsenal of prevention.  Many municipalities require videotaping for their sewer lines as it has proven invaluable to saving money.

A & A Drainage proudly serves Broward, Dade, Palm Beach, Orange and Seminole Counties providing 100% quality solutions and service!

Let us stop the clogs before they stop you!  

In loving memory of Anthony Scrima 1944 - 2004.

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